GT-AR – Analog to Two or Four High and Low Trip Level Relay Outputs

$97.50 $78.00

Two or Four Form-C Relay Outputs
Field Adjustable Trip Levels
3 Jumper Selectable Deadbands
LED Status Indicator for Each Relay
3 Jumper Selectable Input Ranges
Regulated 20 Vdc Power Output
Compact and Economical
Snap Track Mounted

$97.50 $78.00


Product Description

The GT-AR series analog to relay module accepts an analog voltage or current signal and controls either 2 relays (GT-AR-2) or 4 relays (GT-AR-4). The input signal has three jumper selectable ranges for either 0-7.5 Vdc, 0-15 Vdc or 0-20 mA. Each relay has an independently adjustable setpoint which is set with a multi-turn pot.

Each form-C relay activates when the input signal is equal to the trip setpoint and deactivates when the input signal falls below the setpoint by a deadband amount. The deadband is also jumper selectable for 1, 3, or 5% of the range.

Features include a regulated power output that can be used to power a transducer or a resistance input, top-adjust trim-pots for setpoint adjustment, an LED power indicator, status LEDs for each relay and 10 Amp form-C relays. The product comes with standard snap-track for easy mounting.

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pdf-icon GT-AR2 Installation Instructions

pdf-icon GT-AR4 Installation Instructions

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List Price: $195.00
Web Price: $195.00 (CAD)
Adjustable analog to relay output, Analog to Two High and Low Trip Level Relay Outputs. Input Ranges and impedance: 0 - 12 VDC/1 M ohm, 0 - 24 VDC/20 K ohm, 0 - 20mA/499 ohm. Output: Two (2) Form C relays, Rated 10 amps @ 120 VAC. Power: 24 VAC or 24 VDC @ 45mA max. Size: 3.25"L x 2.41"W x 1"H.


List Price: $245.00
Web Price: $245.00 (CAD)
Analog to four adjustable relay outputs, Analog Current or Voltage to Four Adjustable Trip Level Relay Output.