SL2000 Series Duct Smoke Detector

24 VAC/DC or 120/240 VAC operation
Simple change-out of photo or ion detector heads
Low flow air velocity rating from 100 to 4000 FPM
UL, CSFM and MEA Listed
Two (2) sets of 10A form “C” alarm contacts
One (1) set of 10A form “C” trouble contacts
Easy and quick mounting to round or rectangular ducts from 1’ – 12’ wide
Clear cover for convenient visual inspection
Built-in reset switch that is also an alarm test switch

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Product Description

The SL-2000 Series has been discontinued and has been replaced by the DSD Series.

The SL-2000 Series Smoke Duct Detector is the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications. The unit is designed to prevent the recirculation or spread of smoke by air handling systems, fans, and blowers. Complete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection. The SL-2000 is designed and built to meet all local code requirements, as well as the NFPA and ICC standards regarding HVAC supply and return duct smoke detectors. Output terminals are provided for a wide range of remote accessories such as horns, strobes, remote status indicators, and test/reset key switches or push buttons.  All Detectors must be used with a metal sampling tube, model STN series.

WARNING: Duct smoke detectors have specific limitations.

NOT a substitute for an open area smoke detector,
NOT a substitute for an early warning detection, and
NOT a replacement for a building’s regular fire detection system.

Refer to NFPA 72 and 90A for additional duct detector application information.


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