HATLRN Series – Remote Probe Immersion Temperature Transmitter w/ LCD Display

HIgh Accuracy RTD sensing elements
High accuracy transmitter
Choice of scaled ranges and outputs
LCD available in either ˚C or ˚F
Hinged ABS weatherproof enclosure
1/2” NPT fitting for connection to thermowell
Stainless steel probe available in several lengths

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Product Description

The HATLRN Series has been discontinued and has been replaced by the HATDRP Series.

The HATLRN single point remote probe immersion temperature transmitter incorporates a high accuracy platinum RTD encapsulated in a 6.35 mm (0.25”) OD, 304 stainless steel probe and is available in various lengths (see ordering chart) All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resist moisture penetration. A transmitter that provides a high accuracy signal with excellent long term stability, low hysteresis and fast response is available with various ranges. A LCD is provided in either °C or °F.

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