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AVDT Series – Duct Airflow Transmitter

Converts airspeed into a 4 – 20mA or a 0 – 10 VDC signal
Linear output signal
Made with corrosion resistant material
Fully electronic registration of airflow speed
AC or DC voltage supply
Compensates for changes of air temperature
Telescopic sensor facilitates installation
Temperature output signal 0 – 10 VDC
Fuse protected

GP Series – Gage Pressure Transmitter

GP Series Features:

  • FT-6 or Armoured cable available in different lengths
  • Four, switch selectable ranges per model
  • LCD display
  • Jumper selectable outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-5 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc
  • Hinged Polycarbonate weatherproof enclosure